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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Favorite YouTubers of 2015

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At the risk of sounding incredibly cliché, I have no idea where 2015 went. One moment I was starting my new job and the next I was popping champagne bottles while ushering in the new year. And in typical new year fashion, I've decided to recap my favorites of 2015. So without further ado, here are my favorite YouTubers of 2015:

Best "Monthly Favorites"
Hey Claire

To be quite honest, HeyClaire is all around awesome but her monthly beauty reviews are my favorite. Most YouTubers tend to bore me as they ramble on about product after product but Claire keeps things interesting and she always has a good collection of items. Added bonus, she's cool as f*ck!

Best Makeup Tutorials
Jaclyn Hill

I've never seen somebody's makeup more on flawless than Jaclyn Hill's. Her eyebrows are on fleek, her eyeshadow is perfect and her contouring rivals that of a Kardashian's. But what really sets her apart from other YouTubers is how well narrated and easy to follow her makeup tutorials are. I just wish I had double eyelids so I could copy all of her looks!

Best Styling Tips
Samantha Maria

Whenever I'm looking for styling tips on the latest trends I know I can turn to Samantha. She keeps her channel regularly updated with inspirational lookbooks and "how to style" videos. I'm also super jealous of her gorgeous accent...

Best DIYs

If you're looking for simple Tumblr-esque DIYs then Laur's got them on her channel. I'm horrible at DIY-ing things to the point where my boyfriend typically has to come and salvage my projects, but Laur's videos are so simple and easy to follow that I can recreate her projects on my own (mostly).

Best Nail Tutorials

Nail art can be intimidating but Janelle breaks it down step-by-step. She has tons of beautiful designs that can be accomplished without the use of any professional tools. I've actually begun to cut down on my visits to the nail salon since I've started watching her videos.

Best Korean Beauty

Korean beauty has taken the States by storm and if you're new to the trend then you have to check out Morgan's channel. She does hauls, favorites, reviews, tutorials and provides tons of information on what products to buy and where to buy them.

Best New Find

I found Suh Real Makeup late last year but I'm already obsessed! She has beautiful makeup tutorials for those of us with monolids. A lot of her tutorials are K-pop inspired so if you're a CL fan like me then head on over to her channel and get ready for major inspiration.

Do you have any channels to recommend?

xoxo, Elle
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