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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Shout-Outs: MAC's Rewards Program, Fashion Job Salaries & More!

Happy Chinese New Year's eve! If you didn't know, tomorrow is the start of the Lunar New Year and we'll be ushering in the year of the Monkey. What that means for me as a member of a Lion Dance team is a busy schedule packed with performances, banquets and lots of excitement. If you're interested please follow my team's Twitter for upcoming shows, our Instagram for photos and follow me on Snapchat (@wcmelle) for behind the scenes.

Also, if you're a regular here you'll notice that I changed this series from "Sunday Link Love" to "Sunday Shout-Outs." It's the same concept of sharing my favorite stories from the week, I just thought this title sounded better with the alliteration. Now onto the reads:

Check out what exciting products Pixi Beauty debuted at GenBeauty last weekend
The latest cool-girl beauty launch you need to know
Sign up for MAC Cosmetics' new rewards program now
Valentine's Day makeup tutorials for your inspiration
Repair your skin with this 5-Step Korean Skin Detox

Just how much do those Fashion jobs pay, really?
What shoe styles are in and out according to real shoe designers
Lampshading is the latest celebrity fashion trend
Here's some sexy lingerie for small chested ladies (like myself) to wear this Vday
Check out this fun infographic of shoe hacks to make your footwear last longer

Fix these issues around your house you can finally STOP being late for work
How to go from zero followers to #winning on Instagram
Educate yourself about the world's newest public health threat - the Zika virus
This is how much an average wedding will cost in 2016
16 ways to organize your kitchen

xoxo, Elle
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